Truth, Religious Dialogue and Dynamic Orthodoxy: Reflections on the works of Brian Hebblethwaite (Paper)

Reflections on the works of Brian Hebblethwaite

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  • 11/24/2005
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Brian Hebblethwaite is known throughout the theological world, due to the fact he has written on a wide variety of topics. Here the three key topics on which he has written in the past, are considered by twelve internationally distinguished philosophers of religion, with a view to the ongoing contemporary debate surrounding these 3 areas of: the pursuit of truth in religion, inter-religious understanding and the Incarnation. In the context of Brian Hebblethwaite's philosophical and theological concerns, a unifying thread runs through his work, that of exploring the conceptual domains of interreligious understanding, the nature and pursuit of truth in religion, and issues in Christology with special reference to the Incarnation.The book argues that a closer reading of Hebblethwaite reveals a more complicated theology. Informed and inspired variously by his work they may be, but the contributors here criticise constructively, and build on new ideas within the book themselves.


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