War and Peace in World Religions: The Gerald Weisfield Lectures 2003 (Paper)

The Gerald Weisfield Lectures 2003

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  • 3/31/2004
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"This series of lectures by eminent authors from Britain and Germany is an excellent grounding in a wide range of World Religions and their attitudes and approaches to war and peace. Suitable for all undergraduates of Biblical Studies, Religious Studies and Theology, this text would particularly suit second year students studying World Religions or Ethics. Split into three manageable sections, part one looks at war and peace in the Eastern Religions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Classical Chinese Thought. Part two looks at war and peace in the Abrahamic Religions, i.e. Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The final forward looking part brings themes and commonalities together in a discussion of various developments towards peace, including a discussion of ""The World Conference on Religion and Peace"" as well as Hans Kng's excellent lecture on ""Global Ethic - Development and Goals"". With an Introduction by Perry Schmidt-Leukel, this is a rigorous, yet accessible text for anyone with an interest in the discussion of religion


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