Human Rights and the Image of God (Paper)

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  • 7/30/2004
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'It offers a distinctive contribution that as far as I know is breaking new ground'I think this would be an excellent resource for undergraduate courses and for postgraduate studies. I would definitely recommend it.' - Tina Beattie, University of Surrey. This critical analysis of the relationship between Christian theology and human rights is written in a lucid and accessible style, and is an excellent resource for students and academics interested in theology, human rights and the historical background to contemporary ethical debates. The author's deep understanding of the development of the idea of human rights in western society and politics, as well as the conflicts and debates associated with an idea of human rights, is clear from the outset. As well as providing a geneology of the concept of rights, Ruston surveys the ways in which this development has been closely related to the development of a just war theory, as well as making a valuable contribution to postcolonial studies by focusing on the colonisation of Sou


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