Reading Through Hebrews (Paper)

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  • 5/17/2012
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Now that biblical translations are increasingly becoming paraphrases which io an attempt to communicate to a modern audience depart further and further from what was originally written, there is an urgent need for basic, simple tools for use in Bible study, by individuals or groups. This book is such a tool. Its prime aim is to discover the actual meaning of the text of Hebrews in the context of the first century when it was written. However, it does not discuss academic r theological questions at length, because that so often puts people off. For beginners a short, straightforward guide is needed, the shorter the better. The letter to the Hebrews is a good place to start this kind of study because it can seem so inaccessible to the average reader, who is put off by the rabbinical tone of the letter which piles quotation upon quotation. However, work on it is worth the effort, for behind this veneer there is a strong emotion and a burning faith which flashes out in some of the most sublime passages in the New Testament


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