Take, Eat: Reflections on the Eucharist (Paper)

Reflections on the Eucharist

  • 9781853119255
  • 128
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  • Paper
  • 9781853119255
  • 9/29/2008
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The Eucharist is central to Christian worship throughout the world. Jesus only left two commandments - to love God and our neighbour, and to share bread and wine in remembrance of him. It is a sacrament rich in symbol and image that takes everyday items and infuses them with spiritual meaning.'' In this short, reflective companion, Kenneth Stevenson explores some of the Eucharist's many layers of meaning - as sacrifice, memorial, sustenance for the Christian journey, sign of the new creation, anticipation of the heavenly feast - and more. As a basic guide, he uses the Gospel of Luke in which feeding is a particularly strong theme. Taking well known stories such as Jesus eating with sinners, feeding the five thousand, the Last Supper and the evening meal at Emmaus after the resurrection, he grounds our understanding of the Eucharist in scripture and shows how it can shape our entire Christian experience. It is an ideal gift for baptism, confirmation or first communion.


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