Seasons of the Son: A Journey Through the Christian Year (Paper)

A Journey Through the Christian Year

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  • 9781853118845
  • 7/30/2008
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In recent years, churches within and without the liturgical tradition have begun to rediscover the rhythms of the Christian year. With its two great cycles of incarnation and redemption, centred on Christmas and Easter, it is the church's time-honoured way of ensuring that the whole story of salvation is retold in all its fullness every year. ''With its times of preparation and celebration, watching and waiting, sorrow and rejoicing, it also allows space for every human emotion to find expression. And the Calendar of Saints allows us to pause throughout the year and consider the many role models of faith we have - from biblical characters to modern day martyrs such as Janani Luwum. ''Here is an inspirational tour through the Christian year from a much loved writer. Whether it is a familiar to readers or a completely new concept, this devotional companion will provide many ideas for enriching worship and discipleship throughout the year.


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