Walking the Labyrinth: A Spiritual and Practical Guide (Paper)

A Spiritual and Practical Guide

  • 9781848250031
  • 128
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  • Paper
  • 9781848250031
  • 3/25/2010
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A labyrinth is a pattern consisting of a single circuitous path that winds into the centre, with no possibility of getting lost, as in a maze, and no dead ends. It is one of the most ancient tools for spiritual growth and development, dating back to medieval Christianity, and is currently enjoying a popular revival, especially in contemporary 'Fresh Expressions' of church. ''As an effective focus for prayer and worship, labyrinths - temporary and permanent - are increasingly found in traditional and alternative church communities and at festivals like Greenbelt. This book provides a complete guide for beginner and seasoned labyrinth explorer alike. ''An accessible and inviting illustrated guide, it: traces the history of labyrinths in the Christian spiritual tradition, explores the different ways groups and individuals can use a labyrinth for prayer and reflection, gives instructions for creating small and large, simple and complex, temporary and permanent, indoor and outdoor labyrinths based on the most well known designs


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