The Journey of Christian Initiation: Theological and Pastoral Perspectives (Paper)

Theological and Pastoral Perspectives

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  • 9780715142370
  • 4/29/2011
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This helpful volume sets out to clarify the Church of England's thinking about baptism, confirmation and admission to communion, and addresses some very practical questions in relation to ministry in this area. ''Discussion of the topic is grounded in the New Testament and the early Church, and is traced through the development of the Church's theology and practice of initiation from the mediaeval and Reformation periods up to the present. Drawing on the Book of Common Prayer (1662), the Thirty-nine Articles and Common Worship, as well as on Scripture and the Church's tradition, it sheds light on contemporary practice and understanding, which can ' and do - vary locally. ''Anglican approaches to Christian initiation are also explored in relation to those of other churches.


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