Reconnecting with Confirmation (Paper)

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  • 9780715142080
  • 1/27/2011
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With children taking communion before confirmation now widely practiced in the Church of England, a fresh theological and practical exploration of confirmation is both timely and welcome.''This book will equip clergy, lay church leaders, youth workers and PCCs with a deeper understanding of the origins and theology of confirmation, and of youth culture with its needs for rites of passage that acknowledge within young people an adult faith and an adult position within their church. It will enable churches to put confirmation at the heart of youth discipleship. ''It provides:''A clear and comprehensive history of confirmation and its place today. 'A holistic view of adolescence and faith/spiritual development that can inform how we approach and facilitate confirmation. 'A practical guide to creating the best confirmation experience for young people - from preparation, to the rite itself and beyond.


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