Pocket Prayers for Healing (Hardback)

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  • 10/30/2012
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This is a new paperback edition of one of the most popular titles in the Pocket Prayers series. Almost more than anything else, the experience of illness û in ourselves or in those close to us - can throw us off course. Realising our vulnerability, prayer is a natural response. This short collection of prayers contains familiar and loved prayers and blessings such as the LordÆs Prayer and Psalm texts, plus a mix of traditional modern prayers that cover:?Being in hospital ?Prayers for medical staff and carers?Healing prayers for others?Healing prayers for ourselves ?Prayers for anointing ?Prayers of thanksgiving for recovery ?Prayers for wellbeing. Pocket Prayers for Healing is an ideal portable companion for all involved in ministry to the sick and as bedside companion for personal use.


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