Out of Nothing (Paper)

A Cross-Shaped Approach to Fresh Expressions

  • 9780334056683
  • 192
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  • Paper
  • 9780334056683
  • 6/30/2018
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The two key questions often levelled at fresh expressions are ‘What is Church?’ and ‘How on earth can a fresh expression be evaluated?’ 

In ‘Out of Nothing’, Andrew Dunlop offers an account of his journey in starting a fresh expression, and along the way proposes an alternative theological foundation for evaluation - the Cross-Shaped approach. Dunlop proposes a theological foundation which goes to the heart of God’s action in the world (drawing on Christology, atonement theories, and practical theology), informed by Karl Barth’s ecclesiology and Andrew Root’s development of Eberhard Jüngel’s work on God acting ex nihilo. 

Both accessible and critically engaged, the book will provide an important resource for both pioneers and for those studying pioneer ministry. 


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