Honest to God -50th anniversary edition (Paper)

  • 9780334047339
  • 31.25
  • Paper
  • 9780334047339
  • 1/31/2013
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Honest to God, originally published in 1963, has been described as the most talked-about theological work of the twentieth century. Its publication work instigated a passionate debate about the nature of Christian belief and doctrine in the white heat of a secular revolution. It also epitomized the revolutionary spirit of a fresh and challenging way of looking at the world, which, throughout the 1960s, was to bring about the disintegration of established orthodoxies and social, political and theological norms. It articulated the anxieties of a generation who saw these traditional givens as no longer acceptable or necessarily credible. Reissued on the 50th anniversary of the original publication, Honest to God is not only a book that generated controversy and debate in its own time, but a piece of honest theology which continues to inspire many in teir search for credible Christianity in today's world.


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