Lies, Sex and Politicians: Communicating the Old Testament in Contemporary Culture (Paper)

Communicating the Old Testament in Contemporary Culture

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  • 8/1/2010
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Many Christians write off the Old Testament as an outdated rule book which has little to say to them and has been superseded by the New Testament and the Christian tradition.Lies, Sex and Politicians is for those thinking Christians who want to 'recapture' the Old Testament from those who, in wanting to promote it in a particular way (e.g. in the homosexuality debate), have closed it off to the majority.John Holdsworth offers a way into the Old Testament through linking some of the themes found in this very diverse collection of texts with themes found in contemporary culture. This in turn enables readers to engage with the Old Testament as a resource for doing Christian theology and ethics today.Each chapter concentrates on a text-based theme. This leads to exegetical input and discussion of the wider theme in the light of contemporary scholarship. The text is then approached from the direction of some element of contemporary culture or concern. A final suggested exercise aims to bring these elements together in a cr


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