New Testament Apocrypha (Paper)

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  • 6/21/2012
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CONTENTS General Introduction Gospels: Non-Biblical Material about Jesus Isolated Sayings of the Lord II Papyrus Fragments of Apocryphal Gospels Ill Jewish-Christian Gospels IV The Gospel of the Egyptians V The Gospel of Peter VI Conversations between Jesus and his Disciples after the Resurrection VII Gnostic Gospels and Related Documents A. Gospels under General Titles B. Gospels under the Name of an Old Testament Figure C. Gospels current, directly or indirectly, under the Name of Jesus, and Similar Works D. Gospels attributed to the Twelve as a Group E. Gospels under the Name of an Apostle F. Gospels under the Names of Holy Women G. Gospels attributed to an Arch-Heretic H. Gospels under the Names of their Users VIII Infancy Gospels IX The Relatives of Jesus X The Work and Suffering of Jesus Appendix: Fresh translations of the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Truth


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