The Good For Nothing Tree (Hardback)

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  • 3/29/2022
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A tiny fig tree needs time to grow. But how much time? All four seasons go by . . .  and there are no figs. The seasons pass again. Still no figs! Is the fig tree good for nothing?

Inspired by the parable of the Barren Fig Tree, The Good for Nothing Tree reminds us that the sweetest figs, like many other things, are worth waiting for. Not every tree—and not every child—grows at the same pace. Yet patience, care, and love can change everything, making what may appear “good for nothing” very good.

A note about the parable’s New Testament origins and a recipe are included.

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“As year follows year, the children lovingly and persistently tend to their beloved tree, ultimately reaping the literal fruit of their labor. . . . Many good things take time, but this book is short and sweet.” Kirkus Reviews

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Excerpt from The Good for Nothing Tree
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