Three Lines in a Circle (Hardback)

The Exciting Life of the Peace Symbol

  • 9781947888326
  • 9 x 11
  • 62.50
  • Hardback
  • 1947888323
  • 8/31/2021
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$ 18.00


One line straight down. One line to the right. One line to the left, then a circle. That was all—just three lines in a circle.

This bold picture book tells the story of the peace symbol—designed in 1958 by a London activist protesting nuclear weapons—and how it inspired people all over the world. Depicting the symbol’s travels from peace marches and liberation movements to the end of apartheid and the fall of the Berlin Wall, Three Lines in a Circle offers a message of inspiration to today’s children and adults who are working to create social change. An author’s note provides historical background and a timeline of late twentieth-century peace movements.

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“Recounts the origins of the peace sign for a new generation of young activists. . . . Empowering.” —Publishers Weekly

“Vibrant throngs of all kinds of people fill the pages . . . Grounded in the discussion of a design, the heart of peace beats on.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Vibrant, layered protest scenes and moody evening skies seem lifted from the walls of an impressionist gallery in this picture book detailing the origins and enduring influence of the peace sign.” —Foreword Reviews

“The words and illustrations work symbiotically to show the peace symbol’s adoption around the world.” Englewood Review of Books

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Excerpt from Three Lines in a Circle
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