Glory!: The Spiritual Theology of Michael Ramsey (Paper)

The Spiritual Theology of Michael Ramsey

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  • 1853115355
  • 3/1/2003
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Archbishop Michael Ramsey was arguably Anglicanism's saint of the 20th-century. Clever, humble, shy, full of sympathy and with a great wit, his outstanding gift was that he made God real for people. It is said that when he read a Bible lesson, it was as if every word was on fire, and his robust saintliness was tangible, even in telephone conversations. This study explores what made him such a remarkable figure. Drawing on his published and unpublished writings and on the many personal recollections of him, ""Glory"" (a favourite expression of his) explores his theological understanding, his vision of the Church, or worship and the Christian life. A complementary volume to Owen Chadwick's biography, it is arranged around themes that were central to him: the meaning of the cross, the Church's life, the primacy of worship and the Church's unity. A record of a Christian leader for all students of church life.


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