The Westminster Study Bible (Book)

New Revised Standard Version Updated Edition with the Deuterocanonical/Apocryphal Books

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  • 9/30/2024
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The Westminster Study Bible (WSB) is the first entirely new study Bible to utilize the recently released New Revised Standard Version Updated Edition.

Soon to be an essential tool for all religious studies contexts, The Westminster Study Bible includes interpretive materials from over eighty leading biblical experts who, as teachers in a variety of educational settings, are sensitive to how the biblical texts have been received, what their cultural and social consequences have been, and how readers might hear them now in multiple contexts.

The Westminster Study Bible also pays close attention to the interdisciplinary connections that contemporary students, teachers, and other readers from diverse backgrounds will find both useful and relevant. It is an ideal textbook for a range of biblical studies courses, as well as courses in religion, philosophy, and the general humanities, whether introductory or advanced. The Westminster Study Bible's emphasis on the cultural framing of the Bible's theological, historical, literary, and philosophical elements allows it to be useful beyond the university and seminary classrooms, aiding teachers in religious congregations and organizations with their ministries as well.

Reading and engaging the Bible today is not as simple as discovering what it meant in its time in order to determine what it means for all time. All readers—whether students or instructors, clergy or general readers, religious or nonreligious—bring their own perspectives to the interpretation of the Bible. The themes and ideas that matter to twenty-first-century readers tend to resonate with our present situations in some way. The Westminster Study Bible takes this interactive dynamic between historical and contemporary interpretations seriously. Through study notes, thematic excursuses, and a range of illuminating essays,The Westminster Study Bible delves into the ancient contexts of the Bible, its continually evolving interpretations, and its contemporary reading and reception, critically exploring both the worlds of the text and the worlds of its many readers today.

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General Editors:

  • Emerson B. Powery is Professor of Biblical Studies and Dean of the School of Arts, Culture, and Society at Messiah University
  • Stacy Davis is Professor Emerita of Religious Studies and Theology and Professor of Gender and Women's Studies at Saint Mary's College
  • Mary F. Foskett is Wake Forest Kahle Professor of Religious Studies and John Thomas Albritton Fellow at Wake Forest University
  • Brent A. Strawn is D. Moody Smith Distinguished Professor of Old Testament and Professor of Law at Duke University

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