Growing in God's Love (Book)

A Story Bible

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Help nurture the faith of the children in your life with Growing in God’s Love: A Story Bible. This engaging resource features 150 popular Bible stories that are organized by 13 themes, including Strong Women and Men; Listening for God; Parables; Healings and Miracles; and more. Growing in God’s Love features diverse artwork from more than twenty artists to appeal to a variety of ages and learning styles. Three reflection questions—Hear, See, Act—are included at the end of each story to help children further ponder the message of the story.

Growing in God’s Love: A Story Bible is ideal for children ages 3-7, and it is perfect for Sunday school classrooms, children’s sermons, vacation Bible school, and gift-giving at baptism or other milestones.

Did you know there’s a unit-based children's curriculum you can use with this story Bible? Growing in God’s Love: A Story Bible Curriculum invites children and their leaders to wonder, play, and connect as they engage and wrestle with the stories of the Bible. Growing in God's Love: A Story Bible Curriculum includes intergenerational activities as well and is great to use in a church setting, online, or at home with the help of free, customizable at-home kit guides. 

Want to look inside Growing in God's Love? Access a digital copy of the sampler here.

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Artwork from several artists are included in Growing in God's Love. Learn more about the illustrators here.

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"In this interactive compilation of 150 stories from the Christian Bible, children are prompted to hear, see, and act through a series of thought-provoking questions...Filled with a rainbow of culturally diverse illustrations from over twenty international artists, this unique collection is sure to entertain, encourage, and enlighten young hearts."
Foreword Reviews

"This is a good resource for collections as well as an excellent gift book." —Children's Literature

"This is wonderful collection of Bible stories–150 from the New and Old Testaments–that will enrich family conversations as well as Sunday school classes."—The Presbyterian Outlook

"Many parents in our churches do not feel adequately equipped to share scripture with their children, because they are unfamiliar with the Bible themselves. Introductions to each section of this story Bible will be of great help to parents such as these. They give good, simple overviews, set the stories in historical as well as scriptural context, and suggest how the stories might speak to us today." —Storypath

<p>"This Bible has many strengths, from its diverse and colorful full-page illustrations to its inclusion of an equal number of stories about women and men in the Old Testament." —<i>Christian Century</i></p>

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