The Collected Sermons of Walter Brueggemann -- Three-Volume Set (Book)

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"These sermons are themselves versions of that dangerous but longed-for doxology, and they move from ruthlessly honest cultural analysis to confident praise with such linguistic power that one can easily overlook the superb detail, the impressive craft, and the fine tooling employed by Brueggemann, the master preacher. The impact of these sermons comes not simply from the finished artwork but also from the artist's technique—the preparation of the homiletic canvas, the mix of pigment, and the brush strokes."


—from the foreword by Thomas G. Long

Volume One:

In addition to being one of the world's leading interpreters of the Old Testament, Walter Brueggemann is a skilled and beloved preacher. This collection of sermons demonstrates Brueggemann's fidelity to biblical texts, which come alive with meaning in our contemporary world. Throughout, Brueggemann also reflects on his preaching. Volume One features a biblical index as well as a foreword by Samuel Wells of Duke University who writes: "Enjoy this volume from a master exegete, a master theologian, and a master preacher. They really are neat sermons. And they're for you."

Volume Two:

This collection presents over fifty masterful sermons from one of the most trusted preachers today, Walter Brueggemann. Brueggemann continues his task of making the biblical text available to the church. He sees preaching as a performance of God's good rule that, in an act of utterance and receptive listening, mediates the truthful, joyous reality of that rule. The sermons are organized according to the church year, starting with sermons for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany and followed by sermons for Lent and Easter and then Pentecost and Ordinary Time. Sermons for other occasions, such as ordinations, weddings, and graduations, are also included, along with a Scripture index. Whether a pastor or a person in the pew, the reader will find inspiration, reflection, and wisdom in Brueggemann's powerful words.

Volume Three:

This collection features sixty sermons by Walter Brueggemann, preached mostly in the last five years. For his final public appearances, he preached at various churches and the Festival of Homiletics, including his last address there in 2018. Most of these are based on lectionary texts, with numerous sermons on Advent-Christmas and Lent-Easter texts. Preachers will find inspiration in the handful of sermons covering special occasions or themes, including confirmation, evangelism, and funerals."


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