Connections Worship Companion, Year B, Volume 2 (Book)

Season after Pentecost

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  • 3/5/2024
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The Connections Worship Companion is an essential resource for leaders and planners of Christian worship services.

This volume offers complete liturgies--from the call to worship to the closing charge, with prayers and litanies for every need in between--for all worshiping occasions for the season after Pentecost of Year B. Part of the Connections commentary series, these worship resources help congregations illuminate the connections between Scripture and liturgical rhythms.

The Connections Worship Companion is a six-volume series, with each volume focusing on a different season of the Christian year. Each volume provides three kinds of materials to enhance your liturgical experience. First, there are "Making Connections" essays at the beginning of each major section, which introduce the primary theological themes of the Christian year, highlight particular biblical texts, point to distinctive features of the lectionary cycle, and offer practical and pastoral guidance. Second, there are seasonal/repeating resources, which are liturgical texts intended for multiple uses during a particular span of time in the Christian year, promoting diachronic connections from one Sunday to the next. Last, there are resources for each Sunday or festival in the Christian year, which promote synchronic connections between the liturgy and the lectionary. The combination of these resources assists worship planners in assembling complete orders of worship for the Lord's Day.

Contributors to this volume include Claudia L. Aguilar Rubalcava, Mamie Broadhurst, Marci Auld Glass, Marcus A. Hong, Kimberly Bracken Long, Emily McGinley, Kendra L. Buckwalter Smith, Samuel Son, Slats Toole, and Byron A. Wade.


"The Connections Worship Companion is an indispensable aid for worship planners and preachers. With liturgies from a diverse range of voices and attention to both the Revised Common Lectionary and the Narrative Lectionary, these volumes provide creative, faithful, and lyrical words for worship. Editor David Gambrell’s wisdom and eloquence grace the introductions to each liturgical season, offering concise and compelling insights into the Christian year. These volumes are a gift to the church and a guide to worship that is beautifully embodied, spiritually alive, and theologically rich." – Kimberly Bracken Long, editor, Call to Worship: Liturgy, Music, Preaching, and the Arts

"What an inspiring array of weekly liturgical resources and reflections on the theological themes of the seasons of the church year are offered in this new resource! All are beautifully crafted and thoughtfully prepared with the worshiping people of God in mind. A must-have resource for pastors, lay leaders, and worship planning teams." – Leonora Tubbs Tisdale, Clement-Muehl Professor Emerita of Divinity, Yale Divinity School


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