A Gospel of Hope (Hardback)

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  • 5 x 8
  • 168
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  • Hardback
  • 0664262287
  • 3/2/2018
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Beloved and respected by scholars, preachers, and laity alike, Walter Brueggemann offers penetrating insights on Scripture and prophetic diagnoses of our culture. Instead of maintaining what is safe and routine, A Gospel of Hope encourages readers to embrace the audacity required to live out one’s faith. This must-have volume gathers Brueggemann’s wisdom on topics ranging from anxiety and abundance to partisanship and the role of faith in public life.


"Examining how maintaining silence allows the powerful to keep control, Professor Brueggemann motivates readers to consider situations in their lives where they need to either interrupt silence or be part of the problem, convincing us that God is active and wanting us to act for justice. Inspired and inspiring..." —Midwest Book Review

"[Brueggemann's] comments on biblical texts, while always faithful to the original, are also faithful to the truth they shine on our current life. His insights are original and thoughtful. His own deep, living faith flows through his writing and speaking." —Englewood Review of Books

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