The Lord's Prayer for Today (Paper)

  • 9780664229573
  • 5.5 x 8.5
  • 112
  • 31.25
  • Paper
  • 0664229573
  • 10/2/2006
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This volume in the For Today series presents an accessible study of the familiar words of the Lord's Prayer. Well-known preacher and seminary president William Carl III interprets the prayer in light of how it was understood by Jesus' disciples and also the significant role the prayer can play in the life of Christian believers today. The discussion questions at the end of each chapter make this an ideal book for group study in churches or for individual reading and reflection.

The For Today series was designed to provide reliable and accessible resources for the study and real life application of important biblical texts, theological documents, and Christian practices. The emphasis of the series is not only on the realization and appreciation of what these subjects have meant in the past, but also on their value in the present--"for today." Thought-provoking questions are included at the end of each chapter, making the books ideal for personal study and group use.


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