Essentials of Christian Theology (Paper)

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  • 10/31/2003
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This splendid introductory textbook for Christian theology presents two essays by leading scholars on each of the major theological questions. William Placher provides an excellent discussion of the history and current state of each doctrine while the essays explore the key elements and contemporary issues relating to these important theological concepts.


The CyberWalrus (December 16, 2005)
Perspectives in Religious Studies (Vol. 32, No. 4, Winter 2005) "[O]ne of the best introductory texts in theology to come along in some time." --Barry Harvey, Baylor University
International Journal of Systematic Theology (Vol. 8, No. 2, April 2006) "Critical engagement with theological texts such as are assembled here is a considerable skill that develops alongside a growing understanding of the subject-matter of theology itself. Placher and his team of essayists have provided students with a resource that, under the guidance of good teachers, will serve well in the development of such skill and understanding." --Murray A. Rae, University of Otago

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