Theological Cartographies (Paper)

Mapping the Encounter with God, Humanity, and Christ

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  • 3/4/2015
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Benjamn Valentn presents a substantive yet accessible introduction to the three central doctrines of Christian theology: God, humanity, and Christ. In an engaging style, Valentn offers an overview of each of these doctrines, delving into its tradition within the Christian community throughout history, from the writing of Scripture forward. He further explores what contemporary life tells us about this doctrine and how that compares to traditional understandings and then determines how we can reconstruct this doctrine in light of our new assessment of it. Each chapter concludes with suggested readings for further study. Throughout, Valentn highlights the diversity of Christian thought, bringing together past tradition and contemporary questions to arrive at a new understanding of what these important doctrines can mean for us today. CLICK HERE to read the Table of Contents and Introduction.

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"This is destined to become a leading introductory text to Christian theology. Valent�n's approach is intellectually rigorous yet accessible, historically sophisticated yet contemporary, open to interdisciplinary insights yet profoundly theological. Valent�n masterfully conveys the rich diversity of the Christian intellectual tradition while explaining how today's questions and theological perspectives can contribute to that tradition."
—Roberto S. Goizueta, Margaret O'Brien Flatley Professor of Catholic Theology, Boston College

"Maps help us reach old destinations by new roads, and open up to us possibilities for entirely new journeys. Benjam�n Valent�n's Theological Cartographies does both of these things. He shows that established theological topics conceal hidden pathways and cross-connections. He also allows the reader to put together his or her own itinerary through the central landscape of Christian belief."
—S. Mark Heim, Samuel Abbot Professor of Christian Theology, Andover Newton Theological School

"Valent�n offers an insightful and careful theological cartography of the myriad of ways that our understanding of God, Humanity, and Christ persists today. I highly recommend this as a teaching resource for students in theological education!"
—Anne Joh, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

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