Scripture on the Silver Screen (Paper)

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  • 10/31/2003
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Eloquently written and meticulously researched, Scripture on the Silver Screen offers all students of Scripture--whether in an academic classroom or at home--an inviting new way to further their biblical literacy. It questions the "Hollywoood Hermeneutic" that too often views the Bible as prop, but also recognizes the contributions of movies that successfully integrate the Bible as a plot-making device. Each chapter begins with a discussion on the focal Bible passage, placing it in its literary and historical context, followed by a summary of the film and its main themes.


Studies in Religion (Vol. 35, No. 1, 2006) "I found Scripture on the Silver Screen quite insightful, academically stimulating, and a great pedagogical tool....I am singing the praises of [this book] as a must read for Religion and Media." --N. Samuel Murrell, University of North Carolina Wilmington

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