Reform Judaism and Modernity: A Reader (Paper)

A Reader

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  • 6/29/2004
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Designed specifically with students in mind, the text contains pedagogical features and referencing to assist the reader. Never before published critical Jewish writings included with the additional benefit of contextualisation and commentary from a leading authority in the field. The themes are traced through the writings of prominent Reform rabbis from 1840 till today as they wrestle with major questions of faith and modernity. 'Jonathan Romain celebrates difference with clarity, conviction and understanding. It is an instructive voyage of religious discovery' - from the Preface by Sir Martin Gilbert Reform. Judaism is one of the most dynamic forces in the Jewish world. It dominates American Jewry, is bridging gaps in secular Jewish communities in Israel and occupies a leading place in the religious life of Britain today. It is instrumental in the rejuvenation of Jews within the former Soviet Union and in Europe it has helped to rekindle the embers of Jewish communities devastated by the Holocaust. And yet books offering


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