Religious Abuse (Paper)

A pastor explores the many ways religion can hurt as well as heal

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  • 9781896836478
  • 1/1/2001
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As a pastor with forty years of experience, Keith Wright came to realize that a dichotomy exists within the walls of many churches. While many churchgoers find the environment wonderfully embracing and supportive, the fact is that religion can offer both a positive and a negative experience. Religious abuse affects millions of church members and church leaders in every denomination. It can be blatant, but it can also be extremely subtle and unintentional. Keith Wright believes that only when we recognize and acknowledge the problem can we work toward positive change that allows us to truly benefit from the good. Individuals, church leaders, Christian educators, sociologists, psychologists and other counselors who have experienced or witnessed the results of religious abuse will find the personal stories in this book revealing and enlightening.


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