Bookman's Tale (Hardback)


  • 9781853119804
  • 160
  • 56.25
  • Hardback
  • 9781853119804
  • 6/30/2009
  • 3-5 days processing
$ 23.99


"Ronald Blythe has spent his life among the artists and writers of his native Suffolk. His books, especially the bestselling ""Akenfield"", have given East Anglia a distinctive literary voice. Here we accompany Ronald through the lanes of Constable country, we observe him in his study following his early morning writing routine, we meet John Clare, Traherne and countless other writers who continue to influence him, we join him in the ancient tradition of Anglican worship season by season, and luxuriate in the simple beauty of his ancient farmhouse and its garden, made by the artist John Nash. Literature, poetry, spirituality and memory all merge to create exquisite stories for our times."


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