Sounding the Seasons (Paper)

  • 9781848252745
  • 5 x 8
  • 96
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  • Paper
  • 9781848252745
  • 12/31/2012
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resource for worship throughout the Christian year, the Cambridge priest, author, poet and singer/songwriter Malcolm Guite has transposed seventy readings from the lectionary into lucid, inspiring poems that can be incorporated into regular worship and seasonal services, read meditatively or used creatively on retreats and quiet days. Already widely recognised, Malcolm's writing has been acclaimed by Rowan Williams and Luci Shaw, two leading contemporary religious poets. Seven Advent poems from this collection will appear in the next edition of Penguin's (US) Best Spiritual Writing edited by Philip Zaleski, alongside the work of writers such as Seamus Heaney and Annie Dillard. A selection of Holy Week and Easter poems appeared in the Easter issue of the Church Times this year.


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