The Long View (Paper)

An Elderwoman's Book of Wisdom

  • 9781551455952
  • 320
  • 81.25
  • Paper
  • 9781551455952
  • 9/29/2011
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$ 19.95


The Long View is all about finding and offering hope. It is about claiming the full meaning of eldership and knowing that elderwomen have much to offer.

This collection of 365 daily reflections offers elderwomen (and younger women who wish to listen in) an opportunity to nourish the wisdom and deep knowing that comes from life experience. It also holds out the potential for growth, the opportunity to waken to different perspectives that can lead to rich possibilities and courageous actions.

This is territory Donna Sinclair knows well. Retired from a 35-year career as a respected journalist, Sinclair has found plenty of life and purpose to carry her forward. In particular, she has come to realize the important roles elderwomen play in our society remembering the past, speaking out against injustice, seeking to restore the balance of creation.

Sinclair also knows that in order to accomplish these difficult yet essential tasks, elderwomen need to nourish their inner life. The challenges women face today are so enormous and threatening, that it is easy to fall into despair. For this reason especially, elderwomen need to seek hope and share it generously as Sinclair does in The Long View.


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