A Voluptuous God (Paper)

A Christian Heretic Speaks

  • 9781551455587
  • 6 x 9
  • 224
  • 75.00
  • Paper
  • 9781551455587
  • 1/1/2007
  • In Stock
$ 21.95


In this captivating book, Robert Thompson opens a window into the soul and lets the welcome breeze of his writing freshen many of our traditional perspectives on Christianity. Using humour and a light and accessible tone, he challenges religious orthodoxy in a non-confrontational way that encourages us to live our humanity joyfully, thankfully, and fully from our hearts. He offers an image of God that is not obscured by rigid dogma, the idea of separation, or an obligatory sense of unworthiness. A Voluptuous God questions, and offers insights into, many of the ideas and experiences our minds and souls dance with daily. It allows us to examine our personal spiritual needs and makes accessible the larger spiritual truths that give shape and meaning to our lives.


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