Insights: Love: What the Bible Tells Us about Christian Love (Paper)

What the Bible Tells Us about Christian Love

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"I have seen people who hated themselves confronted with the transforming thought that they, even they, were loved by God. Barclay believed that absolutely everyone, no matter how darkened by evil they may have been, will at the end be enfolded in the love of God. This estimate of the unfailing energy of the gift of love is present throughout this selection of Barclay's writing on Love." From the Foreword by John Miller

These insights show us the all-encompassing breadth of the love of God - for those who rest in the love of God and for those who spurn it. All are included in the vast and inclusive love of God. The mainspring of God's being is love.

Cutting through all the commercialism and superficiality that are increasingly typical of the great Christian events and themes, the Insights series brings the Bible vividly to life.


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