Sacred Glasgow and the Clyde Valley (Paper)

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  • 6/1/2010
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Glasgow was founded by Saint Mungo and, as ScotlandÆs second largest bishopric, has always been a central part of ScotlandÆs ecclesiastical history. Witness to ScotlandÆs industrial revolution in a way far more dramatic than anywhere else in the country, Glasgow, and the surrounding ClydeValley, has a remarkably diverse architecture and fascinating history of social and political activism.

Packed with vital and practical information, this handy guide enables both locals and visitors to explore and discover the hidden history of Glasgow and the Clyde Valley's churches. John HumeÆs fascinating and in-depth introduction to the area sheds considerable light on the cultural background of the local churches and the incredible human stories of the people who built and use them.

*8 pages of colour photos
*171 illustrations
*Opening hours


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