Preaching with Humanity: A Practical Guide for Today's Church (Paper)

A Practical Guide for Today's Church

  • 9780715141366
  • 176
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  • Paper
  • 9780715141366
  • 5/14/2008
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Today, many people question the value of preaching. Yet preaching is one of the most awesome callings in the world. Preaching with Humanity considers questions such as: How can 'old-fashioned' preaching survive in a YouTube culture' What is the place of preaching in a 'mission-shaped Church'' How can we preach with humanity - with our fellow human being, not 'to' them, or 'at' them from a height or a distance' Whether you are new to preaching or building on existing skills, this book will help you in the life-long process of becoming a preacher with humanity.


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