Disciples Together (Paper)

Discipleship, Learning and Small Groups

  • 9780334051824
  • 9 x 5
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  • Paper
  • 9780334051824
  • 6/30/2014
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Discipleship is one of the key words used in the churches today and there are many initiatives in the mainstream churches to enable people to grow as disciples of Christ. Much of this happens in small groups, yet there has hitherto been very little written about this phenomenon. Roger Walton seeks to speak from research and theological reflection into the growing small group movement in the churches. In the midst of a cluster of recent â _~how toâ_T books on Christian Small Groups this book attempts to set the phenomenon in the broader context of research and theological reflection. It can be conceived as a critical friend to the movement rather than cheering it on, encouraging people to think and engage more deeply with theological, sociological and ecclesiological issues.


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