Worship and Liturgy in Context: Studies and Case Studies in Theology and Practice (Paper)

Studies and Case Studies in Theology and Practice

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  • 9780334041689
  • 7/30/2009
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Worship and Liturgy in Context shows how Christian worship in its many and changing forms interacts in significant and interesting ways with its varying contexts - cultural, social, political, economic. Worship, even in a secular age, shapes ethics and behaviour, and often challenges received wisdom and commonly accepted theologies. It gives special attention to Scotland, but it is challengingly relevant in other contexts today. It makes a distinctive and important contribution to the lively debate about the relation of worship, theology and ethics. It also challenges the Churches and believers to renewal of the worship of God in spirit and in truth. It is suitable for use on liturgy and worship courses, courses on church history, cultural history, practical and pastoral theology.


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