Resourcing Mission (Paper)

Practical Theology for Changing Churches

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  • 9780334041467
  • 1/1/2009
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"There is a lively debate about the mission of the local church and an interest in doing new things or doing things differently. However, when church leaders start to work out the implications of change, they immediately come across real issues such as the time, money and buildings needed and how to make decisions that will change things, yet keep most people on board. ""Resourcing Mission"" offers the missing link between missiological thinking and the practical theological thinking about the task of mobilising local churches. Helen Cameron discusses questions such as the use of available time and money, different models of income, different models of leadership, the use of buildings, changing patterns of risk and regulation and approaches to decision making. ""Resourcing Mission"" shows how practical theology and mission and ministry need to work together and draw on each other's resources to strengthen the work of the church."


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