Six Themes in Exodus Everyone Should Know (Paper)

Six Themes Everyone Should Know Series

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  • 8/26/2019
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The Six Themes Everyone Should Know series introduces biblical books and their main themes. Each volume consists of six chapters that present major biblical themes; each chapter contains an introduction and three major sections: 

  • An explanation of the theme
  • The significance of the biblical theme for the life of faith
  • An exploration of implications this biblical theme offers the church for its ministry


The story of the Exodus has emboldened oppressed people for centuries. In it, God empowers human striving for freedom. Steven Parrish introduces six themes that reveal the character of God. God listened to the captives’ suffering and responded. Through the wilderness, God sustained the people with food, water, and law. God promised to be present to the people. And God is merciful and gracious, as demonstrated in the golden calf episode. This volume includes material for participants and guides for leading all six sessions. 




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