Where Is Home, Daddy Bear? (Hardback)

  • 9781947888142
  • 10.25 x 9.75
  • 32
  • 87.50
  • Hardback
  • 1947888145
  • 8/5/2019
  • In Stock
$ 17.00


Evie Bear and Dad are moving. But as they leave their old home behind and set off on their long drive toward the new, Evie Bear is full of questions. “What if I don’t like it there?” she worries. “How will I make new friends?” But her dad reassures her with wise and comforting words, and by the end of their journey, Evie Bear comes to realize that she can feel at home anywhere, as long as Dad is with her.

Featuring endearing bears and lustrous mixed media art, Where Is Home, Daddy Bear? is a simple yet thoughtful tale that considers the question of the true meaning of home.

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"With its rich visuals and workmanlike text, this picture book can be read aloud to children who must adjust to a new home at an early age." —Kirkus Reviews

“A simple, thoughtful, elegant, entertaining picture book story for children ages 3-7 that considers the question of the true meaning of home.” —Midwest Book Review

"The idea that moving can be a scary thing is a common theme for children...For libraries looking to add books within this theme, this one fits the bill." —School Library Journal

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