Celebrating the Seasons: Daily Spiritual Readings for the Christian Year (Hardback)

Daily Spiritual Readings for the Christian Year

  • 9781853112492
  • 544
  • 93.75
  • Hardback
  • 1853112496
  • 6/1/1999
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Traditional spirituality is experiencing a renaissance today, with the rediscovery of classic texts and authors rooted deep in the Christian faith. Celebrating the Seasons draws from ancient, medieval, reformed, and even contemporary sources to provide today's seekers with daily readings and nourishment from Christian spiritual masters of the past two thousand years. Organized around the liturgical year, from Advent through Penticost, here the reader encounters the original writings of authors from Augustine of Hippo and Basil the Great, through George Herbert and Jean-Pierre de Caussade, to Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Evelyn Underhill. Indexes to the themes covered in the book and brief author biographies make the book even more useful.

A beautifully crafted book, with fine hardcover binding and ribbon marker, Celebrating the Seasons is a perfect gift for any season or occasion.


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