The Holy Spirit (Paper)

  • 9780664501372
  • 5.5 x 8.5
  • 104
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  • Paper
  • 0664501370
  • 12/22/2004
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In this brief volume, Mateen Elass provides a lucid explanation of the identity and work of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit's relationship to the living and written Word, and the Spirit's role in the church and the world. This engaging study will help open new windows of understanding about the Holy Spirit and illustrate how true spirituality is the work of the Holy Spirit. Ideal for individual or group study, this volume provides insights that will allow readers to discover the Holy Spirit's importance to our Christian experience.

The Foundations of Christian Faith series was established to enable readers to learn about theology in ways that are clear, enjoyable, and meaningful. Each volume examines the doctrines of Christian faith and stimulates readers not only to think more deeply about their faith but also to lead them to understand their faith in relationship to contemporary challenges and questions.


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