Revelation for Everyone-Enlarged Print (Paper)

20th Anniversary Edition with Study Guide

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  • 2/13/2024
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**The bestselling commentary series from N.T. Wright in an easy-to-read 13-point type edition!**

N. T. Wright, the renowned biblical scholar, offers an accessible commentary on the book of Revelation, highlighting God’s hope for believers rather than dwelling on doom and destruction others may focus on.
Often deemed the most enigmatic New Testament book, the book of Revelation overflows with peculiar, intense and occasionally violent imagery. In today’s world of complex cinematic visuals, Revelation might seem like a natural fit, but it isn’t. Despite its challenging nature, we must recognize its importance. This book provides a remarkably clear glimpse into God’s ultimate design for the entire creation. It shows how Jesus the Messiah’s triumph and the resulting costly victory of his followers overcome the powerful evil forces at work, particularly within idolatrous and oppressive political systems. Our modern world is no less complex and perilous than in the late first century, when this book was composed. To be faithful witnesses of God’s love in a world rife with violence, hatred and suspicion, we should grasp John’s magnificent imagery with both our intellects and our hearts.
The biblical text is thoughtfully divided into easily manageable sections, ensuring accessibility for readers of all backgrounds. As you engage with this ancient narrative, you’ll discover its timeless resonance with the spiritual quests of today’s readers, whether they are newcomers or seasoned followers of Jesus.
This expanded edition includes Wright’s updated biblical translation along with a new introduction and a dynamic study guide suitable for both group and individual study. Including helpful summaries and thought-provoking questions, Revelation for Everyone is an invaluable companion for exploring the New Testament with renewed enthusiasm and profound insights.


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