Matthew for Everyone, Part 1-Enlarged Print (Paper)

20th Anniversary Edition with Study Guide, Chapters 1-15

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  • 12/26/2023
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**The bestselling commentary series from N.T. Wright in an easy-to-read 13-point type edition!**

Step into the vibrant world of the gospel of Matthew with the guidance of esteemed Bible scholar N. T. Wright as he brings the profound message and timeless significance of this gospel to life, making it accessible and engaging for contemporary readers.
N. T. Wright’s updated translation and insightful commentary breathe fresh life into the gospel of Matthew. Here, Jesus emerges as a multifaceted figure: the long-awaited Messiah, a teacher surpassing Moses and the compassionate Son of Man sacrificing for all. Matthew invites readers to embrace Jesus’ wisdom and the transformative way of life he imparts. Matthew for Everyone, Part 1 includes chapters 1-15 and features a contemporary translation of the biblical text, thought-provoking commentary and an all-new study guide.
The biblical text is thoughtfully divided into easily manageable sections, ensuring accessibility for readers of all backgrounds. As you engage with this ancient narrative, you’ll discover its timeless resonance with the spiritual quests of today’s readers, whether they are newcomers or seasoned followers of Jesus.
This expanded edition includes Wright’s updated translation of the biblical text, supplemented by a new introduction and a dynamic study guide tailored for both group study sessions and individual contemplation. The inclusion of helpful summaries and thought-provoking questions makes Matthew for Everyone, Part 1 an ideal companion for those seeking to explore the New Testament with fresh enthusiasm and profound insights.


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