Theological Fragments (Paper)

Confessing What We Know and Cannot Know about an Infinite God

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  • 5/22/2023
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The swelling ranks of religious “nones”—those who do not identify with any particular religious tradition—have demonstrated that traditional Christian apologetics set on delivering a universally accepted, objectively verifiable system that proves the truth and superiority of Christian belief has failed. Turned off by organized Christianity’s hypocrisy and politics of intolerance, millennials and Generation Z have rejected such domineering forms of reasoning aimed at winning converts through logical argument. Not only is this misguided missional strategy, argues Rubén Rosario Rodríguez, but it’s grounded in bad theology as well. The propositional truth claims imply that if you accept the argument, you must accept the Christian faith too. Instead of this triumphalist understanding of Christian truth, Rosario argues for a broken and contrite Christian theology that can help make sense of a fractured world. Realizing that fragments of truth are often all we have, he points out that the search for the truth of God and the self will most often be found while engaged in the struggle for justice. Theological Fragments is not another set of strategies for how to win back millennials. Rather, it provides a foundational theological vision necessary to the work of inviting the “nones” to hear the gospel afresh.

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"With mastery borne of sustained reflection and care, Rosario Rodriguez sets out an important path for theology by critiquing excesses of totalizing systems and by emphasizing open-ended fragments that engage spiritual and moral sensibilities in a pluralistic postmodern age." -Douglas F. Ottati, Craig Family Distinguished Professor of Reformed Theology and Justice, Davidson College

"Ruben Rosario Rodriguez is a passionate and energetic champion of liberal theology. While I am no liberal, I deeply appreciate the role Theological Fragments will play welcoming students, clergy, and those in the pews into contemporary theological conversations. Accessible, engaging, and wide-ranging, this book addresses the most important issues Christians face today." -Vincent Lloyd, Professor, Villanova University

"Demonstrating tremendous intellectual range and depth of scholarly research, Ruben Rosario Rodriguez here offers a robust assortment of 'theological fragments' that ought to amply nourish the hungry souls of many searchers in our time, including but not limited to the young 'Nones' who are his primary audience. Highly recommended!" -David Gushee, Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics, Mercer University

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