Walking through the Valley (Paper)

Womanist Explorations in the Spirit of Katie Geneva Cannon

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  • 11/8/2022
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The late Katie Geneva Cannon was the founder of womanist ethics. Her work continues to generate new explorations of womanist moral thought. In this volume, leading womanist ethicists and theologians come together to continue Cannon’s work in four critical areas: justice, leadership, embodied ethics, and sacred texts. The goal is to continue Cannon’s pursuit of a world of inclusivity and hope while realistically analyzing the discrimination, disenfranchisement, and systemic hatred that stand as obstacles to the world.

Contributors include Emilie Townes, Shawn Copeland, Eboni Marshall Turman, Angela Sims, Paula Parker, Nikia Robert, Alison Gise Johnson, Vanessa Monroe, Faith B, Harris, Stacey Floyd-Thomas, Melanie Jones, and Renita Weems.

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“This book explores the extraordinary thought and practice of Katie Geneva Cannon who, in the closing decades of the twentieth century, founded the unique field of womanist ethics grounded in its own distinctive methodology for the study of moral agency among black women seeking justice and freedom for themselves, their families, and their respective communities. The authors of these essays clearly demonstrate the long-term impact of Katie Cannon’s creative thought on the academic study of religion in America.” —Peter J. Paris, Elmer G. Homrighausen Professor, Emeritus, Princeton Theological Seminary

“This luminous book carries forward the womanist ethical thought and teaching legacy of Katie Geneva Cannon in her brilliant, caring, scholarly, brave spirit—a labor of love and gratitude from the four womanist editors and thirteen womanist writers who have gifted us with it.” —Gary Dorrien, author of A Darkly Radiant Vision: The Black Social Gospel in the Shadow of MLK

<p>“Katie Cannon was ‘the’ womanist mother, mentor, heroine, pathbreaker, and saint. The women here gathered carry forward her torch to widening circles of sisters, daughters, partners, and allies. It is an honor to sing their praises. Their triumph over Black women’s historic suffering is hard won, not secure. Yet this book’s chapters radiate joy, power, solidarity, and compassionate love. These voices speak truth to recalcitrance, and strengthen all strugglers, seekers, and freedom-loving spirits in the name of Black womanhood. Anyone committed to racial equality, gender equality, or politically creative theology will be captivated by Walking through the Valley.” —Lisa Sowle Cahill, J. Donald Monan, S.J., Professor of Theology, Boston College

“Walking Through the Valley is simultaneously a much-deserved recognition of the enduring influence of Katie Geneva Cannon’s work, and a creative, inspiring, luminous next step in the journey of womanist ethics. This collection of essays is groundbreaking both in content and approach, and essential reading for Christian ethics today.” —David P. Gushee, Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics, Mercer University

"What better way to honor Cannon’s legacy than by bringing her work into new realms of discourse—from climate change to the carceral system—and new methods of inquiry? Every essay in this volume is beautifully written, places Black women’s stories at the center, and aims to invite readers into Cannon’s work of 'debunking, unmasking, and disentangling' the death-dealing systems we participate in and are oppressed by." - The Christian Century

"Womanist colleagues celebrate the life and work of Katie Geneva Cannon. A dozen colleagues explore her insights and impact on the study of religion. This is predicted to be the first of many such volumes about this key thinker and consummate professor. A must-read to appreciate the respect Dr. Cannon enjoyed and the brilliant work of her colleagues to take womanism to new heights." - Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual

"I was prepared for this book to focus on Black pain and trauma but Walking Through the Valley is better described as an exploratory venture through the fight for the Blackest redemption. The authors focus on liberation, redemption and transformation rather than the trauma." – Presbyterian Outlook

"The authors model the gift of womanist scholarship through the range of genres and approaches they use. They seek to reach the mind – including the imagination – and the heart, through story, personal reflection, intellectual argument, poetry and even dance. This book leaves the reader with a deep desire to engage again – or for the first time – with the full range of Katie Cannon’s work as an essential part of any canon within the field of Christian theological ethics." – Black Theology

"Every essay in this volume is beautifully written, places Black women’s stories at the center, and aims to invite readers into Cannon’s work of “debunking, unmasking, and disentangling” the death-dealing systems we participate in and are oppressed by." - The Christian Century

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