The Soul of the Family Tree (Paper)

Ancestors, Stories, and the Spirits We Inherit

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  • 8/24/2021
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Growing up in a passionately Norwegian-American Iowa town, Lori Erickson rolled her eyes at traditions like Nordic Fest and steaming pots of rømmegrøt. But like many Americans, she eventually felt drawn to genealogy, the “quintessential hobby of middle age.” Her quest to know more about the Vikings and immigrants who perch in her family tree led her to visit Norse settlements and reenactments, medieval villages and modern museums, her picturesque hometown and her ancestor’s farm on the fjords.

Along the way, Erickson discovers how her soul has been shaped by her ancestors and finds unexpected spiritual guides among the seafaring Vikings and her hardscrabble immigrant forebears. Erickson’s far-ranging journeys and spiritual musings show us how researching family history can be a powerful tool for inner growth. Travel with Erickson in The Soul of the Family Tree to learn how the spirits of your ancestral past can guide you today

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“In this shrewd memoir, Erickson (Holy Rover) details how researching her Norwegian American heritage led to deep personal reflection. The modern ability to investigate one’s ancestry using DNA, she argues, can be more than just biology… Readers may find themselves ordering their own DNA testing kit upon finishing this.” —Publishers Weekly

“Erickson traces the ‘spiritual DNA’ of her Norwegian ancestors, investigating how their heritage influenced their cultural practices and religious beliefs, especially in the Midwestern United States…. The Soul of the Family Tree posits that a spiritual grounding in one’s family history can combat ‘historical amnesia’ and nurture a sense of belonging.” —Foreword Reviews

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Excerpt from The Soul of the Family Tree
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