God and Guns (Paper)

The Bible against American Gun Culture

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  • 11/2/2021
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Using the Bible as the foundational source and guide, while also bringing contemporary sociological data to the conversation, seven biblical scholars and theologians construct a powerful dialogue about gun violence in America, concluding that guns are incompatible with the God of Christian Scripture. God and Guns is the first book to argue against gun culture from a biblical studies perspective. Bringing the Bible into conversation with contemporary sociological data, the volume breaks new exegetical and critical ground and lays the foundations for further theological work. The scholars assembled in this volume construct a powerful argument against gun violence, concluding that a self-identity based on guns is incompatible with Christian identity. Drawing on their expertise in the Bible’s ancient origins and modern usage, they present striking new insights involving psychology, ethics, race, gender, and culture. This collection, carefully edited for clarity and readability, will change conversations—and our culture.

Contributors include: T. M. Lemos David Lincicum Shelly Matthews Yolanda Norton Brent A. Strawn


God and Guns offers a serious challenge to American gun culture, informed by rich biblical and moral reflection. The fact that this collection emerges from a conference at a flagship evangelical seminary is extremely encouraging. Our gun culture is a deadly idolatry that has nothing to do with following Jesus, indeed, it cuts directly against it. This book makes that essential point very clear.” 

—David P. Gushee, Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics, Mercer University; Chair in Christian Social Ethics, Vrije Universiteit/IBTS Centre, Amsterdam


God and Guns is a necessary and accessible read for both clergy and laypersons as we challenge the co-opting of the Christian tradition and Scripture by the gun industry in order to sell more guns in a saturated market. No one is in a better position to help the church respond to the false teaching of guns being a ‘God given right’ than the scholars who have devoted their lives to studying and interpreting Scripture. God and Guns invites us to look at the violence in the Bible with new eyes so that we may better see the violence that is in us, repent, and join with others to end gun violence.”

—Deanna Hollas, Gun Violence Prevention Ministry Coordinator for

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