Preaching the Word (Paper)

Contemporary Approaches to the Bible for the Pulpit

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The question of what to do with the biblical text in the sermon is perennial. Biblical scholarship constantly evolves and grows, making it hard even for biblical scholars themselves to apply the latest insights in their preaching. The average pastor doesn’t have time to keep up with the changes in biblical studies and, as a result, often defaults to interpretive methods learned in (increasingly distant) seminary years. Preaching the Word addresses those needs by surveying recent developments in biblical studies with an eye to applying them in preaching the Gospel of John. Noted New Testament Scholar and homiletician Karoline Lewis lays out these recent interpretive tools and methods, demonstrating their application to preaching using specific passages in the Fourth Gospel.

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"Karoline Lewis once again demonstrates why she is one of the nation's preeminent preachers and professors of the craft we call "preaching." Lewis's book beautifully frames diverse approaches to homiletics with sensitivity and passion, expanding the reader's knowledge, the practitioner's depth, and the layperson's understanding of this often-misunderstood art form. This text is a welcome addition to the canon of homiletics and rhetoric." - Otis Moss III, Senior Pastor, Trinity United Church of Christ, and Professor of Homiletics, McAfee School of Theology, Mercer University

"Try to find another book like this. Ever the teacher, Lewis introduces preachers to a range of life-giving interpretive practices few mainline preachers know what to do with while modeling their usefulness. This book can bring joy and power to your preaching.” - Greg Carey, Professor of New Testament, Lancaster Theological Seminary

"Just as diverse as the historical, cultural, and linguistic sources of the Bible are, so are the ways to interpret it. Karoline Lewis, the homiletical hermeneut, is an expert guide to the various approaches to biblical interpretation for the purpose of preaching. More than a summary of each approach and exploring its homiletical impact, Lewis offers readers a generous, humble reading of how 'the other' interprets Scripture to humanize those who have often been dehumanized in the wider society. I can think of no other better biblical scholar-preacher to invite us on this liberating tour of love for God, neighbor, and the pulpit." - Luke A. Powery, Dean, Duke University Chapel, and Associate Professor of Homiletics, Duke Divinity School

"Karoline Lewis’s clarity and warmth shine in her careful mapping of urgent conversations in the homiletic field. That alone is worth the price of admission. But the real treasure of Preaching the Word is the delight it takes in John’s Gospel. Lewis turns the biblical text like a prism, showing us the value of the approaches that she describes through scrip

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