Barth in Conversation (Hardback)

Volume 2, 1963

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  • 12/4/2018
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In recognition of Karl Barth’s stature as a theologian and public figure in the life of Europe and the West, Swiss publisher Theologischer Verlag Zurich (TVZ) published Conversations, a collection of correspondence, articles, interviews, and other short-form writings by Barth. Collected in three volumes, Conversations reveals the depth and breadth of Barth’s theological thought, as well as his humor and humanity. Now, for the first time in English, the second of those volumes is offered here.

Covering the year 1963, Volume 2 highlights a period in which Barth was especially active, particularly in regard to ecumenism and issues related to the Cold War. Within these pages, scholars and students will find a comprehensive view into Barth’s life and beliefs about theology and its role in modern society.


“The appearance in English translation of these interviews and conversations with Karl Barth in 1963 is a welcome event. A sharp sense of context, an enthusiasm for theological conversation, an irrepressible humour, and a restless intellect are all at work here. More importantly perhaps, Barth's musings reveal the ways in which theology was never for him a formulaic exercise or set of defensive manoeuvres. With its explanatory footnotes, this volume should prove an enjoyable read for a wide audience.” 

–David Fergusson, Professor of Divinity, University of Edinburgh


“A book that seizes and sustains interest. This remarkable collection of conversations, beautifully edited and translated, reveals Karl Barth in his first year of retirement doing theology, not as dogmatikos (firm doctrinal formulation), but as gynastikos (something being tested) with multiple publics and media.  He shows himself at home in all of them.  In every case, Barth engages with his partner and the crucial issues of the time with curiosity, patience, insight, seriousness, and above all with joy rooted in the living God.   This book enriches our perception of Karl Barth, especially in the conversations around the Barmen Declaration.”

–Richard Topping, Principal and Professor of Studies in the Reformed Tradition, Vancouver School of Theology


“This translation of the second of three volumes of Barth's conversations and interviews, this time from 1963, is yet another welcome addition to Barth scholarship in English, and of the same excellent technical quality as the earlier volume. Readers will again find intriguing personal perspectives on many themes, events, figures, questions, developments. The volume brings joy,  insight, and inspiration to many who do not read as scholars, after all, bringing to life the voice of someone keenly interested in the students and the pastors he is listening and talking to. Again and again one cannot help b

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